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Here you see all directly available cannabis varieties from Bigdogs Seeds Collection, but please also check out the eventually available strain auctions in the Bigdogs Seeds Collection Auction-Area. Click on the name of the strain or onto the hints for more informations about this offers! Tip: To sort the offers by its values - simply click on the titles of the table!

Coming soon:

The following offers will be available soon, some packs should be already on the way to us! Check the boxes and hit the button to get notified if they are available (again) at MyCannapot!

  Name of the strain  
OUR TIP! BlueG indica/sativa ~56 12 reg. reg. 35.00 €
REDUCED! ChocoDurban V2 mostly indica ~60 12 reg. reg. 20.30 €
RARE! Gonzo 2 Bx1 mostly indica ~60 12 reg. reg. 35.00 €
CHEAP! Panoramix indica/sativa ~77 12 reg. reg. 35.00 €