Bigdogs Seeds Collection

Bigdogs Seeds Collection, born thanks the collaboration of European Growers. Passion, selection and crossing of the world's best genetic. Our seeds, are exclusively in regular form and available in 12 packages, ( excluding test and offers special) 100% products with "Indoor Organic Culture", only the best of the best, strictly controlled one by one before being placed in professional packaging .


Strains from Bigdogs Seeds Collection

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Name of the strain
BlueG indica/sativa ~56    
BlueG Metal Box mostly indica ~60    
Chocoberry (T-Line) mostly sativa ~70    
ChocoDurban mostly sativa ~66    
ChocoDurban V2 mostly indica ~60    
Gonzo 2 Bx1 mostly indica ~60    
Gonzo Metal Box mostly indica ~63    
Lady Durban mostly sativa ~70    
Panoramix indica/sativa ~77    
Purple Rain indica/sativa ~60    
Purple Rocket Kush mostly indica ~60    
Silver Chocoberry indica/sativa ~63    
Silver Moon indica/sativa ~63