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Art: mostly indica
Blütedauer: ~ 63 Tage
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Tier 2 - 100% Organic

A holy matrimony of cinnamon apple crisp pie and divine gas. Large yields, dense flowers, purple potential. Terpene Profile: Gas / Kush / Diesel / Fruity / Sweet

Mother: Motorbreath 15
Father: Foodawg (Foo Fighter x Mendodawg)

Living Nature represents our return to the Earth. The heart chakra. Reconnecting to our source. Living with nature has taught us how to live to our fullest. Nature has taught us lessons that no teacher could ever teach. Nature has healed us in ways no healer could ever heal. Nature is the most powerful force of all. Living Nature flourishes in every aspect of our work and our craft. GGG is natural and alive. We are inspired by the Mother and the Father.

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