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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 67 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Blue Tahoe from New420Guy Seeds:

Blue Tahoe (Blueberry x Tahoe OG) A mostly indica F2 hybrid, she does very well inside and outside, producing lots of large fat buds loaded with trichromes and a LOUD fragrance. There are several different phenos, including a sativa pheno, but the more prominent two pheno types produce either a strong Tahoe OG aroma or a strong blueberry aroma. This is a VERY strong smelling strain. This strain is so excellent that we made several crosses with it. Blue Tahoe is good for pain, nausea, insomia, depression or stress. Flowering period is 9-10 weeks.

1 user reviews about this strain

General Impression: a quite good strain

Strength / Lasting Effect: is very strong and long lasting

1 Indoor-Review(s):

Yield / Quantity: ordinary

Flowering Time Indoor: 70 - 70 days (~70 days)

User-Comments about this strain:

46nkid Grown in organic soil under a 600w. Not really much of a taste, besides a very smooth feel. The look of it was pretty average as well, as was the grow. However, once you bust open those rock hard nuggets and get a few puffs down, it's in a whole league of its own.

I experience chronic nausea and I often get so bloated, and frankly gassy, that I really can't do anything besides sit down and wait to feel better. After rolling up a hooter of this though, I was feeling exponentially better in just couple pulls. Not only did my stomach feel better, I felt so warm and fuzzy lying down on my couch it was like we were becoming one lol. It was very, very, pleasant.

If my situation sounds like yours, I cannot recommend this strain more; cured my war zone of a gastric system in a matter of minutes. But even if you have the least sour of stomachs, you should still give this strain a try. Not to be missed.

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