New420Guy Seeds: Burnt Sugar Cookies

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Type: indica/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 60 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Burnt Sugar Cookies from New420Guy Seeds:

Burnt Sugar Cookies F3 (Sugar Cookies x Burnt Cookie) is our newest addition to our hybrid strains. Burnt Cookie is one of the original cuts of GSC from Harborside crossed with Black Rose F11. Plants will turn purple without cold. Just like it’s father strain, Burnt Sugar Cookies is an easy strain to grow. Almost everyone knows about the GSC strain but the Black Rose is known for its beauty, with some of the darkest purple buds of any strain. Black Rose from the UK breeder Heath Robinson, is a combination of Nebu’s Black Russian and a Purple Shiva Skunk, and it has phenotypes ranging from Blackberry and Currant smells. Mixing it with GSC adds an extra sweetness that will sneak up and knock you out. Medium yield. High THC low CBD. There is one pheno that will turn purple without cold temperatures. Outdoors she can easily reach 10′ heights and is ready for harvest in early October. Burnt Sugar Cookies is excellent medication for chronic pain, insomnia, stress, PTSD and depression. Also helps with suffering from fibromyalgia and PMS.

Flowering period is 8-9 weeks to finish.

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