New420Guy Seeds

Master grower and breeder, Paul learned to grow cannabis many years ago from friends in Mendocino. He started breeding in 2006 and for several years he experimented with genetics from many different seed banks. The first keeper strains were created in 2009 (Grape 48 aka Purple AK48) and 2010 (Pauls Purple Fire) and he began producing those strains for the public in 2011 and 2012. Since then, he has traded strains with lots of friends and created several more new awesome strains. Growing cannabis is my passion, and I plan to continue to keep breeding and cross breeding as long as I can.


Strains from New420Guy Seeds

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Name of the strain
859 Granddaddy's Blue Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes yes
Berry Ryder ruderalis/indica ~60 yes  
Black N Blue mostly sativa ~60    
Blue Cheese mostly indica ~60   yes
Blue Haze Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
Blue Headwreck mostly indica ~60 yes  
Blue Tahoe Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes yes
Blueberry Cookies mostly sativa ~60    
Blueberry Rox mostly indica ~60    
Bubba-Gum Kush mostly indica ~60    
Burnt Cookie mostly indica ~60 yes  
Crystal Blue Aurora mostly indica ~63 yes  
Durban Poison sativa ~58    
Early Skunk mostly indica ~60 yes yes
Fruit Cocktail mostly indica ~67 yes  
Fruity Rhino indica/sativa ~63 yes  
G13 x Haze mostly sativa ~70    
GDP Wreck indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
Girl Scout Cookies indica/sativa ~65    
Glue Cookies indica/sativa ~63    
Granddad's Lavender mostly indica ~60 yes yes
Granddaddy Purple sativa ~60 yes  
Grape Afghan Kush mostly sativa ~70    
Harlequin CBD indica/sativa ~60    
Headbanger Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
Humboldt Cookies mostly sativa ~63    
Jedi Glue indica/sativa ~63 yes yes
La Berry Fruta ruderalis/indica/sativa ~80 yes yes
La Fruta x Lowryder 2 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~53 yes  
Lavender mostly indica ~60    
Master Orange mostly indica ~63 yes yes
Mazar i-Shariff x Mazar i-Shariff indica ~63    
Medijuana mostly indica ~60 yes  
Midnight Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes  
New Grape 48 indica/sativa ~60    
Original Grape 48 mostly sativa ~67 yes yes
Pauls Blackberry Fire mostly indica ~60 yes  
Pauls Crystal Aurora mostly indica ~63 yes  
Pauls Purple Cookies mostly indica ~56    
Pauls Purple Fire mostly indica ~60    
Pennywise mostly indica ~64 yes yes
Pibeurt mostly sativa ~60 yes  
Pine Tar Kush indica ~56 yes  
Pre 98 Bubba Kush mostly indica ~67    
Purple Berry Playboy mostly indica ~60 yes  
Purple Maze Kush indica ~63 yes yes
Purple Wreck mostly indica ~60    
R 4 indica/sativa ~75    
Redbeard Cookies mostly indica ~60 yes  
Rogue One mostly indica ~75 yes  
Rusty Glue mostly indica ~60    
Rusty OG indica ~60    
Santa Marta Colombian Gold mostly sativa ~74    
SFV OG Kush mostly sativa ~56 yes yes
Shock Trauma mostly indica ~60    
Skywalker Kush ruderalis/indica ~67    
Sour 60 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
Sour Lowryder 2 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~53 yes  
Super Blue Dream sativa ~60    
Super Silver Haze mostly sativa ~63 yes  
Super Sour CBD mostly sativa ~77 yes yes
Tahoe OG mostly indica ~63 yes yes
Tajikistani Hash Plant indica ~60 yes  
The Force mostly indica ~65 yes  
Thorsberry mostly indica ~53 yes  
Tie Dye mostly indica ~60    
Trainwreck mostly sativa ~60 yes yes
White Widow mostly sativa ~63 yes  
White Widow Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
Widow Shocker mostly indica ~73 yes  
Wilma Kush indica/sativa ~63 yes yes