Sell your own cannabis strains here at MyCannapot!

If you are breeding your own cannabis strains, MyCannapot is the place for you! Here you can add your own offers and auctions to the Shop, you define the prices by self and then you can lean back while Cannapot in Austria will take care about a safe and worldwide shipping of your goods!

How does it work?

The MyCannapot-System is based on consignment. As a breeder you send your seeds to the Shop in Austria, and after something was sold from your stock you will get your money. Online you will have the possibility to add and change your strains, offers and auctions at any time - and also you will have some statistics about your sales and your packaging units left in the fridge! MyCannapot is special made to make you all the work as simple as possible and will automate a lots of steps - so you can use your time in the garden :)

And the Money?

MyCannapot will pay out 50% from the price in the shop to the breeder.

How to start?

Simply send us a short email and give us a short introduction about you and your strains - thats all :) You can use our contact-formular to send us an mail - we will answere as fast as possible with some more details and also will help you to add your first strains to MyCannapot and the SeedFinder!