Frequently Asked Questions

Our auctions work quite simple, they take at least 1 -14 days and may be extended if the last bid was submitted shortly before the end of the auction. So we can avoid stress and we can guarantee the best price for the breeder and also the customers get one more chance to make another bid.

Basic function:

An auction starts
with the first bid
and finishes
1 - 14 days later (depending on the auction),
but not before
12 hours after the last bid!

How to make a bid and how to order?

You do not need to register here, for a bid you only need a valid emailadress. If you are the winner of the auction you will get an email with your personal winningcode. With this code you have to confirm that you are the winner of the auction. You only need to type this code into the basket to finish your order/auction.

How does the auction works?

On the first bid
you have to validate your bid - you will get an email that you have to confirm.
for further bids in the same auction
it is not neccesary to confirm again - the bids will be directly proceeded.
If you are the winner... will get an email with a 3 day valid verification code.
...which you have to type in at the basket for finalizing the order.
If another customer overbids you
you will get an email with the information that you are overbid ;)

Order- and paying deadline

Deadline for the order task after winning an auction
3 days
Deadline for payment of the order
2 weeks

What happens when the winner does not order or does not pay?

If the winner does not finalize his order until the deadline shown above, he will be banned for all further auctions and orders. The goods will be on auction again and previous bidders will be notified.

Opportunities for re-auctioning

If the winner of an auction does not order or does not pay after he won
... the auction will be listed again in the auction area.
The auction ends
...2 days after the beginning of the re-auction
If an old bid would lie ahead at this moment,
and this was explicitly stated by you in the bid submission will be automatical the highest bidder.
If you did not choose that you will be on the auction when the strain is re-auctioned again
...your old bids are not considered on the new auction.

Shipping costs for multiple orders / auctions

Shipping costs only need to be payed once of course, it does not matter how many auctions you have won before. If you bid on more then one strain at the same time, or if you want to combine your orders, simply enter all the auction codes you received at once into the basket.

Automatic proxy bidding with the Bid Agent

Our bid agent makes bidding on auctions easier and less time-consuming for you. The bid agent will automatically place a bid on your behalf for the lowest amount possible up to your (invisible) maximum bid. This allows you to remain the highest bidder for the auction and your proxy bid will remain confidential. If you are the highest bidder when the auction closes, you are the winner. When you win the auction with a bid from your bid agent you pay only the lowest possible winning bid, which may not necessarily be your maximum bid.

Please note: When a bid agent is used it may appear as if one bidder has outbid another with the exact same amount. Example: Bidder #1 has set a maximum proxy bid of 50 USD and Bidder #2 places a bid that matches that amount. Because Bidder #1 placed his/her maximum bid earlier, it has priority and will be the current highest bid. Bidder #2 must then place a new, higher bid of minimum 52.50 USD to continue in the auction.

Minimum bids

The minimum addition for the next bid depends on the current price / highest bid for an auction.
Up to 25.00 EUR the minimum addition
is 0.50 EUR
up from 25.00 EUR
it is 1.00 EUR
up from 50.00 EUR
it is 1.50 EUR
up from 75.00 EUR
it is 2.00 EUR
up from 100.00 EUR
it is 2.50 EUR
up from 150.00 EUR
it is 3.00 EUR
and up from 200.00 EUR
it is 4.20 EUR