New420Guy Seeds: Super Silver Haze

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Type: mostly sativa
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
Super Silver Haze (Picture from New420Guy_Seeds..)
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Super Silver Haze from New420Guy Seeds:

Super Silver Haze F3 – Bred from 3 Old school genetics and High Times Cup winners, Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze is an overpowering combination of Indica and Sativa highs. This complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. She was a Double Cannabis Cup Winner in ’98 and ’99 and Hydro winner in ’97. Super Silver Haze is a very uplifting and thought provoking sativa dominant strain that is great for daytime use, and it has excellent medicinal values for nausea, depression, stress, and ADD. Also good for PTSD. Flowering time: 8-10 weeks

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