New420Guy Seeds: Himalaya Blue Diesel

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Type: ruderalis/indica/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 120 days
from seed to harvest - Autoflowering Strain!
Himalaya Blue Diesel (Picture from New420Guy_Seeds..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Himalaya Blue Diesel from New420Guy Seeds:

Himalaya Blue Diesel from Short Stuff Seeds is a hybrid of the ever popular Blueberry and an unknown Ruderalis Kush strain from Nepal which has been spiced up with the addition of New York City Diesel. This mix of 2 classy auto strains provides a very strong indica based hybrid with a spicy fruity flavor. The plant is known to have nice, compact buds and has wonderful medicinal qualities borne out of its indica heritage. With a great couch-locking effect, you’ll have just enough time to appreciate the mix of fruit and spice before it fully kicks in. This strain is currently being worked into a full auto and is considered a “super auto” meaning it will finish automatically but takes longer and gets bigger than a normal auto. Flowering period is about 120 days (from germination).

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