New420Guy Seeds: Panama Red

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Type: sativa
Flowering time: ~ 77 days
Panama Red (Picture from New420Guy_Seeds..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Panama Red from New420Guy Seeds:

Panama Red is a classic pure sativa cannabis strain, being popular in the ‘60’s. Its deep green buds display fiery red pistils throughout. It emits a smell and produces a taste that is both reminiscent of herbal tea and/or wood, with undertones of fresh soil. Panama Red is a landrace strain, being named after the country it was first bred in. The THC level of Panama Red averages at 10% with some crops reaping in at 16%. Though it doesn’t have the highest THC levels out there, it’s renowned for its classic sativa effects of boosting energy, inducing creativity, and uplifting the spirits as all negativity leaves both the body and mind. This strain has been known to help with stomach issues and increase appetite as well. Panama Red is a great strain for both novice and veteran consumers alike. Panama Red is good for pain, stress or insomnia. Also good for PTSD, ADD and ADHD. Flowering period is 10 to 12 weeks.

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