Shadow Seeds: Super Lemon OG F2

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Type: indica/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Super Lemon OG F2 from Shadow Seeds:

The most lemony lime smoke we've ever encountered, with an extreme hazey high and the potency of the legendary kryptonite og kush aka san fernando valley og kush. Combine that with the classic super lemon haze from greenhouse and you get super lemon og made by the dna boys. We were so impressed with the smoke we had to make f2s with our 2 keeper females, one sat leaner and one indy leaner, with an ultra stanky dank male with large flower clusters. Open the genetic treasures within.

9 weeks flowering or more from seed, due to the variation in f2s. Yields are heavy for the quality of the flowers. Highly resinous, great bag appeal. Bud support is necessary due to weight and approx 2.5 x stretch in flower.

Flavour is sweet lime, with slight skunk fuel og funk.


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