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Art: mostly sativa
Blütedauer: ~ 75 Tage
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Sorteninformationen vom SeedFinder über G13 Super Silver Haze von Cannabella Seed Club:

This is a mostly sativa strain.
Airy big haze buds, wrapped in small resin bubbles. 
Super Silver Haze G13 has a woody, fir, haze and pepper flavour and sometimes a bit of lemon,
similar to herbal-lemonade.
The high is not what everybody likes and we would recommend this just to sativa lovers.
Its all in the head with a minimum of body high.
A "you need to do something" type of high.
A practical to grow oldschool haze with a good yield.

Great strain for outdoor activitys like surfing, biking or fishing.

This is our version of Lady Cane, the orginal crossbreed was created by Eskobar.

Genetic: Lady Cane x LadyCane (F4) / Super Silver Haze x (G13xHaze)
Flowering: 10+ weeks
Yield: up to 700 g/m²
Tasteprofile: woodsy, fir, lemon, haze, pepper
Effect: strong up high

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