Cannabella Seed Club: Iced Pineapple

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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 54 days
Iced Pineapple (Picture from CannabellaSeedClub..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Iced Pineapple from Cannabella Seed Club:

The original Iced Apple is a bagseed plant (50gr. Bag with ca. 20 Seeds / 2002), wich is a very good medical strain with body and stress relaxing effects! The ethereal oils and the cannabinoids are so high concentrated, that your tongue-tip could get numb while smoking and you will get rapidly relaxed. The cross with our pineapple male gives the plant more vigour and yield. You should select the indica phenos for the best medical effect e.g. against nerve pain and sleeplessness.

Indica/Sativa: 50/50 mostly indica
Genetic: Iced Apple x Pineapple Gold (F1)
Effect: very strong body effect, medical, relaxing
Small/Taste: sour, spicy
Flowering indoor: 50-58 days
Harvesting outoor: October
Vegetation: 4-6 weeks for seedplants; 2-4 weeks for cuttings
Yield: 350-500g/m²
Height: 70-120cm

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