Cannabella Seed Club: Lemon Cream Pie Haze

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Type: mostly sativa
Flowering time: ~ 60 days
Lemon Cream Pie Haze (Picture from Cannabella_Seed_Club..)
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Lemon Cream Pie Haze from Cannabella Seed Club:

This combination of genetics is a true winner.
The Sour Lemon Haze flavour mixed with the milky sweetness of our Chocolate Rain male, this gives a terpene/aroma combination that is just amazing. The high is strong and a 50/50 mix of head and body. Even strong enough for daily users.
This is for the grower who is looking for new flavours and a perfect strain to select a F1 motherplant with great vitality, taste and a supreme high. The buds are shiny white, so much resin, its incredible.

Genetic: SourLemonHaze#1 x ChocolateRain#1 (F1)
Effect: very strong, mix of body&head high
Aroma: sweet, lemon, berry, cream, cake, haze, chocolate
Flowering Time: ~60 days
Yield: 450-600g/m²

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