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Type: mostly sativa
Flowering time: ~ 73 days

SeedFinder Info about the strain Sour Mango Haze from Cannabella Seed Club:

The Mangohaze is a outstanding sativa strain with a great flavour and up high, but not practical to grow for everyone.

The combination with our favorite male, the Pineapple Gold, made it much easier to grow and faster flowering without changing the general characteristics.

The flavour profile is sour mango and passion fruit with less of the amonia (catpiss) part and a bit hazy incense to perfect the aroma.
It growth fast with a massiv top bud surrounded by no less big side branch buds.

Sour Mango Haze likes to be topped and bend and gives the best quality yield grown organic.

The plants grow fast and do not need a long vegetative phase because they stretch in flower the first 3-4 weeks!

Flowering takes about 70 days but the quality sativa flowers this strain produces are well worth the wait!

Genetic: Mangohaze x Pineapple Gold
Indica/Sativa: 20/80
Flowering time: 70-77 days
Flavour: Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Kiwi, incense, pine, amonia
Yield: high

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