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Type: mostly sativa
Flowering time: ~ 77 days
Arjan's Haze #1 (Picture from Emeraldo..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Arjan's Haze #1 from Green House Seeds:

Arjans Haze #1 was a first place winner of the 2004 High Times People Cannabis Cup. It's a must for all connoisseurs and breeders, and is a very special plant that has a lot of fine qualities.

Pedigree: Secret pedigree.
Strength: Uplifting high, strong and long lasting.

THC: 22,3%. CBD: 0,9%. CBN: 0,7%.

Flowering Time: Indoors: 11 weeks / Outdoors: In the Northern emisphere will finish in from mid-October to late November. In the Southern emisphere in May.
Yield (Indoors): 350 to 450 gr/sqm

8 user reviews about this strain

General Impression: extraordinary and quite recommendable

Strength / Lasting Effect: is very strong and long lasting

The weed effect

Head Activating Exhilarating Relaxing Thought provoking Spacy / Confusing Psychedelic Body Calming Narcotic Energetic Appetizing Pain numbing

The aroma / smell of this variety recalls onto / is

Sweet Floral Rose Jasmine Lilac Violet Sour Citrus Lemon Lemon Grass Spicy Hot Mint Herbs Ginger Pepper Cinnamon Basilicum Sandalwood Cedarwood Pine Microbiological Rot Earth Musky Wood

The taste / flavour of this variety recalls onto / is

Sweet Sour Spicy Sandalwood Cedarwood Pine Microbiological Earth Wood

7 Indoor-Review(s):

General Impression: extraordinary and quite recommendable

Yield / Quantity: slightly above average

Flowering Time Indoor: 70 - 81 days (~75 days)

Stretch after the initiation of flowering: ~297 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 36 cm. - Final Height onto around 143 cm.

1 Outdoor-Review(s):

General Impression: extraordinary and quite recommendable

Yield / Quantity: high

Harvest Time Outdoor: CmHmα zones: End of November ()

User-Comments about this strain:

Emeraldo Here my Arjan's Haze #1 grow notes made over the growing season. For anyone interested in this strain, I kept a grow journal "Arjan's Haze #1" on 420 magazine, see also photos from my grow:

May 17: Germinated two seeds May 17 at 47N. Both seeds popped. One seedling had assymetrical "crinkly" leaves at first. The other had symmetrical leaves and a skunky smell. Only the symmetrical pheno was grown to harvest.

June 19: The symmetrical pheno is now only 4 weeks old but gives of a fairly strong aroma, maybe that's the G-13 expressing itself... About the end of June, the skunky aroma of the seedling vanished as the plant went into full veg mode.

September 1: Arjan's Haze #1 would have gotten very tall if I had not topped her twice. Even so, she is pushing against the greenhouse ceiling. Lanky and loose, she has large fan leaves and her long colas needed support. At this point in time, she has not started flowering visibly yet, although all other strains in my grow were pushing pistils.

October 1: At this point, Arjan's Haze #1 still shows no white pistils. Rather, and surprizingly for me, an inexperienced haze grower, AH#1 pushed tender green tendrils on the tips of the bud sites. These green tendrils look a bit like pistils, but not what I expected. I was not familiar with how this haze strain flowers.

November 1: Arjan's Haze #1 has been pushing fat white pistils for some time now. Skunky aroma is back. Temperatures have dropped, but she seems to be handling that well. I suspect she'll need a few more weeks. The summary page here on seedfinder says she ought to be ready in mid-October, but here it is early November and she still has a long way to go. Will go as long as needed, Nov 21 latest.

November 15: Arjan's Haze #1's buds are getting sugary and the pistils are turning brown, though new white and clear pistils continue to emerge. May let her go to Nov 25 if needed. Aroma is getting nice, sweet and moss. Greenhouse is now heated to 68 F, though outside nighttime temps are freezing she is holding up and continuing to ripen.

November 21: Harvest. Abundant trichomes on main branches were mostly milky-cloudy, with hints of amber here and there. Aroma of pine with a touch of melon. Effect is a very strong, long lasting head high with little body buzz.

For me there was a learning curve associated with growing Arjan's Haze #1: Late and long flowering, first shown by green tendrils (not white pistils) forming in late September and around October 1. By November 1, thick fat whitish pistils had begun to form, but still looked unusual to me. By about November 15, ripening accelerated quickly. Harvested on November 21.

Haze growers learn to be patient.This was my first time growing "haze" strains, and the grow included Arjan's Haze #1. The AH#1 got huge and lanky, had incredibly long fan leaves and a deep green color.Her branches needed support in late flowering as you can see in my photos. She was later to flower than, say, Arjan's Strawberry Haze (which started flowering around August 20).Arjan's Haze #1 did not visibly flower until around October 1, so at some point I wondered when and how she would flower.Clearly, she just needed more time than other strains I've grown.Patience is required, but given time she finished.The pistils and resin accelerated towards finishing.She was harvested on November 21.The head high is strong and long lasting, blasting.

Ashtonkusher war nicht gerade einfach anzubauen, reagiert empfindlich auf den ec. wurde bei mir nicht ganz reif und hatte gesundheitliche probleme

dennoch war das endprodukt super gut! tolles aroma und ein sehr kräftiges euphorisches high das einen schweben lässt!

Tohtori GHSC website says that Arjan's Haze#1 is G13xHaze.

Not secret pedigree anymore but, who knows?

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