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Type: indica
Flowering time: ~ 60 days
Ice Cream (Picture from truare..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Ice Cream from Paradise Seeds:

Type: Indica 60% / Sativa 40%.
Flowering time: 55-60 days indoors. Early October outdoors (n.L.).
Yield: 500 g per m² indoors. 700+ g per plant outdoors.
Suitable environment: Indoors. Outdoors between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L..
Effect: Trippy, equal head and body.
Flavor: Vanilla, skunk, pineapple.
THC: ***
CBD: *

La Ferrari... Don’t let the name Ice Cream fool you. It will lick you down if you’re not careful thanks to the potency of this exotic plant.

The name comes from the smoothness that makes Ice Cream a winner with growers and smokers around the world. Why the Ferrari tag then? Because once this plant clicks into gear it takes off like a racing red sports car, fast and furious. And what a ride!

This is one of our new generation varieties, bred from classic original lines to produce a plant that comes with its own strong identity. An instant hit when we released this specialist strain, it also won the over the taste buds of the High Life cup judges who voted it in their top 3 two years in a row.

We spent our time breeding this beauty. The result is a plant that is perfectly suited for indoor grow operations thanks to rapid and healthy growth (8 - 9 weeks flowering time), and a general lack of stretching. This makes it an ideal option as a multi-branch plant and also makes it perform spectacularly as part of a Sea Of Green (SOG) operation.

Outdoors, Ice Cream may not be the biggest yielder, but it is still popular with growers looking to benefit from that indica strength. It performs satisfactorily in regions as far north as Canada, the UK and the Netherlands, but it is in the south that it adapts best - sunshine coaxing the best from its resinous buds.

Under the hood, the Ice Cream plant packs copious amounts of trichomes, tightly clustered, its heads lining up in regimental rows and glistening with a resinous glow. Like the ice cream you always wished for, expect the palette to dance with vanilla and pine while the aroma is pure old school skunk.

It remains a popular choice; with growers who enjoy its turbo powered growth and smoking fans who enjoy all the power that comes with a turbo indica engine to drive them through the night. * Winner 2nd prize Highlife Cup 2008 (catetory hydro)

* Winner 3rd prize Highlife cup 2009 (category Bio)

6 user reviews about this strain

General Impression: a quite good strain

Strength / Lasting Effect: affects middle-high to high

The weed effect

Head Uplifting Relaxing Thought provoking Meditativ Body Calming Couchlocking Sleepy Narcotic Pain numbing

5 Indoor-Review(s):

General Impression: extraordinary and quite recommendable

Yield / Quantity: high

Flowering Time Indoor: 61 - 65 days (~63 days)

Stretch after the initiation of flowering: ~36 Percent
Initiation of flowering onto around 55 cm. - Final Height onto around 75 cm.

1 Outdoor-Review(s):

General Impression: there are much better strains

Yield / Quantity: slightly below average

Harvest Time Outdoor: CmShα zones: End of September (+/- 1 Week)

User-Comments about this strain:

PezPez Ich kann mich den Vorrednern nicht anschließen. Eine wirklich tolle Sorte welche sich sehr gut Zusammen mit der Sorte Acid von Paradise Seeds anbauen lässt. Alle Ice Cream welche ich bis jetzt angebaut habe hatten eine einheitliche Phäno. Sie bleiben relativ klein und die Reaktion ist wirklich flott. Das Wachstum stagniert nach Einleitung der Blüte sehr schnell.

Meiner Meinung nach sehr gut für Indoor bei begrenztem Platz geeignet.

Nun zur Wirkung (wobei ich euch die Beschreibung meiner Freundin hier nicht vorenthalten kann):

"Nach dem Rauchen (natürlich ohne Tabak) stellt sich zuerst ein etwas ungewohntes Gefühl ein. Der Herzschlag beschleunigt etwas und die Hände fangen leicht zu schwitzen an. Doch dann nach ca. 10 Minuten setzt ein Gefühl von absoluter Grundentspannung ein und zieht sich durch den ganzen Körper. Die Wirkung hält sehr lang an!"

Ein Hanf der in jeden gut sortierten Medizinschrank gehört :)

Ashtonkusher ein wirklich guter strain in jeder hinsicht, aber es gibt bessere sorten

ReggaeJ Schimmelt draussen ganz schön und bleibt klein

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