Cannapot Specials: Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha)

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Type: indica
Flowering time: ~ 60 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Mangolian Indica from Sagarmatha Seeds:

Third Prize Winner HighLife Cup 2005
Rocking the Grey Area Coffeeshop for more than four years, her reputation for flavor and strength has become world-renowned. A Sister to Slyder, this variety produces a mostly pure Indica with a fantastic mango bouquet and savoury taste. She is similar to Slyder in potency, but she is much more fragrant. Serrated, sativa-like leaves and beautiful orange pistils dot the crystallized Indica buds. The stone is long lasting and lethargic. A sample grown outdoors (in Hungary) was as beautiful and potent as many of the fantastic flowers from Northern California that I have had the privilege of smoking!

Great for those nonmotivational daze, a most pleasurable smoke.

Type: Indica, indoor-Afgan dominate
Vegetate until: 7 internodes. Clip center cola(30days)
Flowering time: 55 - 60 days
Average height: 1 meter
Yield: 300 - 325 grams / m² (dried, indoor)
High: lethargic and hallucinogenic
Taste: pine sol/white/minty

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