Dane Strains: Blue Dwarf

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Especie: ruderalis/indica
Floracion: ~ 63 dias
de la germinacion a la cosecha - variedad automatica!
Blue Dwarf (Imagen de WeAsOne..)

Informaciones sobre la variedad Blue Dwarf de Dane Strains en el SeedFinder:

In the Blue Dwarf cross, we have taken two of our favorite auto varieties, we mixed Mdanzig's Blue Streak with an auto white dwarf that resulted in a somewhat larger plant with an indescribable bigger yield. Blue dwarf species by being between 50-80cm with a GREAT main cola and side branches with rock-hard buds with a remarkable trich production.

Blue Dwarf is completed in 8 weeks from seed is germinated, we recommend that you give it at least 9 to 10 weeks to get a higher yield and make her more potent. The smoke is the characteristic blueberry flavor, with hashy undertones and a hint of grapefruit. The effect occurs already in the first few inhalations, and links you to the couch almost immediately. A real hard hitter and a great beginner plant.

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