Dane Strains: Blue Matic

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:Blue Matic is made by two of Dane Strains own varieties. In this strain we have crossed our Streak-O-Matic with our Fruity. Blue Matic consists mostly of indica genes and it is clearly marked as it is a "Hard Hitter" that affects even the most experienced smoker. The effect is a heavy stoner that is sure to link you to the couch for a few hours, remember the coffee before you sit too comfortable. The scent in flowering are a strong cheese-like aroma, when you squeeze the buds. The taste is not to be mistaken as Blue Matic has undertones of mild cheese when you exhale. She is about 70cm high and with an average yield of about 30g. Blue Matic can be grown indoor or outdoor and is particularly suitable for the outdoor growers who do not want too tall plants in the garden.
Flowering time:
~ 70 Days

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