Dane Strains: Bubble Cake

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BubbleCake Weddingcake x Bubblegum Flowering time ~ 9weeks Hight: 90 - 110cm Yield: High Taste: Minty, fruty Smell: Sour, Watermelon Effeckt: Couch Lock After several generations of Weddingcake, we finally found a pheno that we thought would fit the Nordic market. We chose to let our Bubble Gum dust Wedding Cake and ended up with BubbleCake. The plant is around 90-110cm indoors and has a sour / sweet scent of watermelon. An amazingly easy variety for people who want to go with Regular seeds, and require virtually no trimming in the end. The smoke is slightly spicy if cured properly. The effect kicks in about 10 minutes after the first choke and links one to the couch.
mostly indica
Flowering time:
~ 63 Days

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