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Pineapple Haze Auto (Lowryder X Amnesia Haze / Kerela Kush) x Dane's White Pineapple Flowering Time: ~ 9-10weeks from seed Hight: 70cm - 90cm Yield: 500gr pr. m2 Taste: Pineapple Aroma: Oldschool Haze Pineapple Haze is the result of our uplifting White Pineapple crossed with selected Amnezia Haze auto. The variety becomes approximately 80-100cm under optimal conditions and with rock hard buds. The plants do not differ much in height, making it easy to work with. The scent is acidic with a hint of spice. The taste is slightly earthy with tones of sweet fruit. The smoke gives a glorious uphigh the first 30 minutes of the White Pineapple. But then gives an aphoric high from Amnezia Hazen.
Flowering time:
~ 70 Days

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