Dane Strains: Sour Fruity Diesel

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Sour Fruity Diesel AKA S.F.D "The KING" Diesel x Fruity Flowering Time: ~ 9-10weeks from seeds Hight: 50-80cm Yield: Up to 600gr pr. m2 Taste: Sour Fruit THC: Tested Up To 28% With Purpl Pro Sour Fruity Diesel AKA S.F.D "The KING" is one of DK's most potent varieties. When we got the test result back we opened our eyes. 28% said the test, so we sent another test that came out at 26%. So to be absolutely sure we sent a third test that came back with 27% thc and just about 2% cbd. The plant becomes between 50-80cm with dense compact shoots. The scent is sour fruit and the classic diesel scent. The taste is mild sour fruit. This variety is definitely not a day smoker and gives red eyes after ingestion. A variety for the regular smoker.
Flowering time:
~ 70 Days

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