Dane Strains: White Pineaplle

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Type: ruderalis/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
from seed to harvest - Autoflowering Strain!
Dane's White Pineapple Auto (Picture from loohjury..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Dane's White Pineapple Auto from Dane Strains:

Dane's White Pine Apple Auto or DWPA is the result of several years of work. We started to mix a female White Rhino with a Blue Streak male, this strain was the Blue Rhino as we mixed with an auto white dwarf. It became Dane Strains flagship Dane's White Pine Apple, as we were so happy with it that we made an auto variation of it.

The variety is one of the most fragrant pineapple strains we have come across, in flower she smells of sweet pineapple and make solid hard buds that are not going to bend when you press them. Some of DWPA phenos can get over 1 meter and yields significantly more than the normal autos on the market. The smoke hits you hard and quickly. If you start with something you should not be afraid not to be done as it provides a great energetic high, but if you sit back on the couch you will be quickly chained to it. A must for beginners as well as experienced growers.

Genetics: (White Dwarf x (White Rhino x Blue Streak)) x Ruderelis Indica
Flowering time: ~ 9 weeks from seed
Hight: Up to 1 meter
Yield: Up to 40gr dried
Taste: Like Blueberry
Smell: Sweet Pineapple

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