Deep Ellum Seed Company: Jolly Grape

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Type: indica/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain Jolly Grape from Deep Ellum Seed Company:

Reissue of the infamous turn-of-the-century Dallas Grape. In 2004 when we retired the Grape, we made S1's. So for the reissue, we pulled the S1's from our vault and selected a killer female at the starting point. Rather than simply making S2's, we chose to instead create a regular line. We used our IBL of '89 TSB NL#5 as the male and made an F1.
After we made the initial (Grape/NL5) F1, we backcrossed to the Grape. Although the F1 had outstanding vigour, not all were grapey. In the F1BX, however, a greater number will be representative of the true Dallas Grape.
The resulting hybrids are stout, sturdy plants that smoke with a happy, balanced stone. Tastes like grape-flavoured hard candy.

Regular seeds only: (Dallas Grape IBL)S1 x ((Dallas Grape IBL)S1 x '89 TSB NL#5)F1

60-65 days
350-400g per m2

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