Deep Ellum Seed Company: OG #39

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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 58 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain OG #39 from Deep Ellum Seed Company:

Description: In 2013, we bred DNA OG Kush into the Texas Watermelon Skunk line. After a couple of years of stabilizing the line, we turned her loose on the commercial scene. For the OG#39, we utilized the exact same Watermelon OG cut that we had unleashed on the commercial scene, and pollinated her with our resinous oldschool NL5/M39 male. We then inbred to F2 and then backcrossed to the P1 Watermelon OG. The resulting hybrids are dense, stocky, sticky plants with a solid yield. The smoke is a balanced mixed of that sweet, fresh NL flavour of the NL5/M39 mixed with the watermelon and dirt flavour of the OG.

55-60 days
400-450g per m2

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