Gage Green Group: Concord

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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 63 days

SeedFinder Info about the strain Concord from Gage Green Genetics:

Tier 1 - 100% Organic

Concord means harmony. An agreement between all groups and peoples. How do we discover harmony? The key is within. The word Con means with. Cord means heart. With heart, is the key to returning to harmony. Let our heart be so big that nothing can separate us. May we return to harmony once again. Humanity rising. Concord.

Vibrant, heirloom grapes and blackberry-laced enchantments. Large yields, purple potential. Terpene Profile: Gas / Kush / Diesel / Fruity / Sweet

Mother: Grape Stomper OG
Father: "Maestro" Synchronicity

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