Gage Green Group: Praevalere

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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 63 days

SeedFinder Info about the strain Praevalere from Gage Green Genetics:

Tier 1 - 100% Organic

Praevalere. To prevail. I will prevail. I am able. I am powerful. What do you say to yourself when you start your day? What do you say to yourself when you encounter a difficult situation? Praevalere. Our thoughts can either serve us or they can hinder us. Choose powerful affirmations. When we tap into our subconscious programming, we can take control of our path. There is no dream too big. There is no problem too difficult. To Praevalere, to prevail, is spiritual. Do you have the courage and power to manifest your ultimate reality?

Health-inducing berries overflowing with creative power and potency. Large yields, dense flowers, purple potential. Terpene Profile: Gas / Kush / Diesel / Fruity / Sweet

Mother: Out of Body Experience
Father: "Santos" High School Sweetheart

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