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Art: mostly sativa
Blütedauer: ~ 80 Tage
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Sorteninformationen vom SeedFinder über Marra Jones von Hidden Garden Genetics:

Marra Jones a cross between Marra Kush #12 x Casey Jones

Big tall plants which show great F1 hybrid vigour

some produce hard nugget type buds and other plants buds are made up entirely of foxtails

Tangy Lime, Orange and Sherbet complimented by the Diesel from the Jones to make an extra dank exquisite aroma.

the high on all the Pheno's are more complex sativa type highs

1 Benutzerinformationen über diese Sorte

Gesamteindruck: überdurchschnittlich gut und durchaus empfehlenswert

Stärke / Wirkungsdauer: ist stark und wirkt anhaltend

Das Grass wirkt

Geistig Aktivierend Erhebend / Uplifting Entspannend zum Nachdenken anregend Meditativ Körperlich Beruhigend Appetitanregend

1 Outdoor-Review(s):

Gesamteindruck: überdurchschnittlich gut und durchaus empfehlenswert

Ernte-Menge: hoch

Erntezeit Outdoor:
...in ClShβ Zonen: Mitte November (+/- 1 Woche)

Benutzerkommentare über diese Sorte:

mophod HEAD:

Good relaxing high that slow the time and make me happy.

This is like a mild mushroom high.

It's a creeper one! that take 10/15 minutes to come and last at full power for about 2 hours.


Very calming but not couchlocking or pain numbing. This make me hungry every time, also if i just eated before smoking.


orange soda (Fanta) opening the jar. Straight diesel/naphtha once grindered.


Hardy plants!!! In the last month they was attacked by everything...Rust, mold, larvae...but these bitches never surrender... I have 2 clones under lamps now.

This is one of the rare high that mix well with alcohol...love it!

Thank you Hidden Garden, you are 100 times better breeder than sweet seeds/sensi seeds/barneys farm etc.

mophod Germination review:

Seeds bought 1 year ago

5/5 100% germination

Sown directly 1.5cm deep with no presoak in 0.7 litre 7x7x18cm pots;

DIY coco based organic soil N 240mg/l P2O5 200mg/l K2O 220mg/l CaO 〉450mg/l MgO 180mg/l SO3 〉250mg/l, Ec unknown, ph 6.3-6.5 + 100gr/l quartz powder + 1% v/v perlite + Micosat F;

pure rain water, ph unknown;

Zeus 308 compact quantum board with dimmer, 4000k 80 cri, 6-8.5 watt, 15-22000 lux, 225-335μmol m-2 s-1, 10cm between led and plants, 24 hours on;

25-27°C, ventilation always on.

All 5 seeds germinated (broke the ground) in 60 hours


Cotyledons open the next day (12/06/2020).

Stipules and the second set of leaves are almost complete now, with the third coming. MJ#2 have the axillary shoots of the first node visible 🤘 (19/06/2020).

Fast seedlings!!!

Superb work 👍👍👍

I will make outdoor F2 for sure.

Photo of the 8 days old seedlings in the gallery.

PS the "pimiento de padron" in background is in the same soil as the MJ, and after half teaspoon of Maxicrop (4-5-6-14.5-5.5-4)is still hungry!


MJ#2 is dead (fxxxing snails!!!)

MJ#1 MJ#3 MJ#4 (2.5l pots) MJ#5 (6.5l pot) are all females, all between 50-70cm height and start blooming right now! Expected harvest in november.

The bloom is delayed cause very rainy and cold summer (climate change???), all agricultural crops (tomatoes, peppers, squash...) in my area are affected not only MJ.

Marra Jones seems not sensitive to mold,oidium,pythium,etc 👍; but snails love it🐌.

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