Jordan of the Islands: God's White Lightning

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Type: mostly indica
Flowering time: ~ 45 days
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SeedFinder Info about the strain God's White Lightning from Jordan of the Islands:

Surprisingly fragrant and frosty buds. Crystal-covered nugs with a good yielding structure for indoor growing.

God's White Lightning has all the stink of the purple-skunk genetics, with the candy coasted appearance of White Lightning, an amazing cross!

Height: 4ft.
8 weeks flowering time.

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Jordan of the Island God White Lightning is a stellar cross of God Bud and White Lightning. I’m really excited to try out this strain, despite some problems with my personal grow space, it turned out fantastic. The single cola buds are kiddie baseball bat size. It really stank beautifully when I was trimming it up. So much I’m looking forward to growing it again to see what I can do after our rocky start.

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