Los Chicos: Wet Haze

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Type: mostly sativa
Flowering time: ~ 70 days
Wet Haze (Picture from LOSCHICOS..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Wet Haze from Los Chicos:

Flowering time: Phenos leaning to the father stay on the 65 days, the ones that have more
Panama Haze influence can take up to 75 (under optimum condition);

Morphology: Plants are big, with a lot a vigor, fan leaves are big and thick, smaller ones thin, buds
are big and chunky, the longer flowering ones tend to be more compact, but still dense;

Flavors: Panama Haze dominant, of course in larger population other flavors can be found;

Effects: Very balanced effect, uplifting but very clear, after a while leaves you with a relaxing

Taste: You can taste the Haze, and a hint of lemon, the smoke have much more body then the smoke of the mother, some plant remind me of SSH, kind of metallic.

(These seeds are F1 from an open pollination with 3 males, so you can find a lot of variation)

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