MadCat's Backyard Stash: Killer Afghan Skunk

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Killer Afghan Skunk ( California Afghan Skunk x StarKiller OG ) We put the 2 STINKY powerful ones together to find the Ultimate TOWER POWER KUSH PLANT!!! This Monster is Nitrogen hungry! Up to 90 Day’s for the flower’s to finish…. But, SHE is well worth the wait! EXPECT A TALL Kush Plant with Solid Flower’s.. and slightly thin limb’s… May Need Support depending on Season / Light / Lack of Nutrient’s Side stick support with string's or tall Netting a must in poor soil! Growing Difficulty: “Medium" because of height only. Grow: Outdoor-Indoor Strong Dank Smell, Heavy Body High, Head Euphoria Medium with ability to focus. Medical Uses: Alcoholism, Insomnia, Mild Joint Pain, PTSD, OCD
mostly indica
Flowering time:
~ 80 Days

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