Mudro Seeds: Mountain Kush

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Type: indica
Flowering time: ~ 60 days
Mountain Kush (Picture from Mudro_Seeds..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Mountain Kush from Mudro Seeds:

The aspiration to the heights of spiritual growth, wisdom and enlightenment.
This variety has come to us from the Himalayan mountains. It is moderately tall, always calm and silent, different quest for spirituality and enlightenment. He saw the mountains, and can tell us how they sound, as the sun is hiding behind their peaks and rises again ... A descendant of the famous Himalayan varieties, it is also noble as Hindu Kush * Kandahar * Afghan # 1. He invites you to an extraordinary journey to learn all the secrets of life.
This sort of universal one, among many others in the collection Indica. Its versatility opens in the application, but also it is famous for excellent yield: up to 600 gr m2. Such measures cause a minimum of respect even when we first met.
Mountain Kush carefully keeps its secrets until the end of September. But with the onset of the second month of autumn, if you do not violate the rules of care for the guest, he begins to bloom profusely. And in this you can see the unique flowering shades of sunset that colors the glaciers of the Himalayan mountains.
This variety does not like to talk. He is too rich in THC, so prefers regularity and meditation. Able physician, he will take away your pain and anxiety, leaving a rest. Nothing is asking in return, neither saying a word. Here's a mountaineer ...
Suffice mysterious, it can become a real wise friend. Those familiar with the Mountain Kush, appreciate its quality, as well as previously appreciated his ancestors.
Himalayas, wrapped in an aura of mystery, a long time will amaze its perfection. A Mountain Kush is absolutely real, and here it is, side by side. Wise and patiently waiting for your decision.

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