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Type: ruderalis/indica
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
from seed to harvest - Autoflowering Strain!
Snowryder (Picture from McBainWeedman..)

SeedFinder Info about the strain Snowryder from Short Stuff Seedbank:

Snowryder is a 100% auto flowering strain, a hybrid of Lowryder and Snow White. This strain carries a powerful punch and is without a doubt one of the strongest Auto Flowering strains to date. Heavy Crystaling is a trade mark of snowryder, Trichomes even appear on the males! The taste and smell of this strain is very similar to Snow white / White widow so is sure to please. Yield is Avarage (15g - 25g under flouros per 6'' pot) and the plants stay short (12'' - 14'') Snowryder is ready to harvest 10 weeks from planting.

Type: Autoflowering indica hybrid
Height: 10 - 15 inches
Harvest: 8-10 weeks from seed
Yield: 18 - 34g per plant
Effect: heavy indica hit
Potency: 8/10

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