The Blazing Pistileros: grendel

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Type: indica/sativa
Flowering time: ~ 63 days
breeders picture

SeedFinder Info about the strain Grendel from The Blazing Pistileros:

This is some delicious & potent smoke, beware! We used a 1988 G13/hashplant from our bro nDn (thanks bro) and crossed it to kaya triple proof blue moonshine.

What you get is some powerful smoke with a bubblegum/blueberry muffin taste and a nice yield, a true winner !! The bud pictured was grown under Cfl light and we achieved a very nice yield. Grendel will stretch 1.5X to 2X in flowering, not ferts sensitives, minimum yield is a good 25 to 30grs, harvest timeframe is between 60 to 70 days depending on pheno chosen.

We just got result from the labs, they used a mass specrometer - gas chromatograph and the grendel came out at:

CBD: 0.1% / THC: 13,7%

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