Delivery costs

Within Austria
133.55 ₱
Within the EU
154.10 ₱
Worldwide (all countries)
205.26 ₱
Free Shipping
over 3082.02 ₱

Shipping Options

Shipping by registered mail
+ 63.70 ₱
Stealth Shipping
1-10 Seeds: + 113.01 ₱
11-20 Seeds: + 154.10 ₱
21-50 Seeds: + 195.19 ₱
51+ Seeds: + 226.01 ₱

We accept Bitcoins!

At MyCannapot you are able to pay with Bitcoin - and to get your money in Bitcoins, too! Therefore we use the current exchange rates from Click here to read more about this independent and (comparable) anonymous payment method.

Delivery costs

All goods will be delivered with the Austrian Post (Österreichische Post AG). All orders over 2568.35 ₱ will be shipped insured/registered automatically! For orders of 3082.02 ₱ or more we do not charge any shipping or handling fees!

Stealth Shipping

If you prefer we will repack your seeds from the original breeders package and put them into an harmless looking and absolutly discreet stash. Just select Stealth Shipping at the shipping options in the basket to use this option. The costs for the stealth shipping depends to the amount of seeds you are ordering. We will charge 113.01 ₱ for 1-10 seeds, 154.10 ₱ for 11-20 seeds, 195.19 ₱ for 21-50 seeds and max. 226.01 ₱ if you order 51 or more cannabis seeds..

Payment opportunities

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer, Bitcoins and Joker MasterCard - or you also can send us cash by mail. Other payment options require a written agreement.

For detailed informations have a look at our Legal Terms.


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Is realy important at MyCannapot!

Only Cannapot (which handles all orders and payments) knows your personal data like email or your deliveryaddress! The featured breeders do not see any data or information about the customers - they only can have a look at the statistics about the sales without any personal informations!

Our system is specially designed that no longer needed data (like your delivery- or mailadress for example) will be deleted automatically when the sale is totally completed. It is also possible that the customer can delete the data by himself once the package has arrived safely.

Our cookie only contains info about your selected language, currency and timezone - but no personal data at all! The cookie will be deleted automatically after one month since your last page request. All data and site calls are transmitted via https so you can be sure that all is safe here.