Gage Green Group

*OUR MISSION* is to provide outstanding quality cannabis to medical marijuana patients on a consistent basis. We offer our handcrafted seeds to a diverse group of growers who rely on top shelf quality every cycle. Utilizing the finest means and methods with champion lineage is a mainstay and must have in all our endeavors. We compete with ourselves everyday to create the best medicine!, Located in sunny California, USA, we strive to uphold the quality people expect in our cannabis products. Personal experience has shown us that California has the dankest buds in the world and we are in the forefront of that movement. Our products never compromise and are suitable for those who value quality and perfection. We are a responsible and environmentally-conscious organization that strives to bring about positive change in the neighborhoods and societies we impact. We want to set a new standard for the cannabis industry; not only providing the highest quality cannabis products, but also making the world a better place to live in.


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