Jordan of the Islands

Jordan of the Islands has established his name on the West Coast of Canada as the keeper of some of the dankest skunk phenotypes in the world. His strain God Bud - an amped up purple skunk that made people exclaim "God!" when they smelt it's heavy, sweat-sock-stankness, and saw as it's sticky resinous buds. Jordan of the Islands seeds' were sold through Marc Emery Seeds Direct, and it's been over a decade. Jordan is dedicated to bringing to the market some of the most flavourful, aromatic and potent strains. Accept know substitutes, Jordan of the Islands is the original proprietor and keeper of the finest God Bud Phenotype.


Cannabis-Strains von Jordan of the Islands

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Ambrosia mostly sativa ~60 yes  
BC Big Bud mostly sativa ~55    
Blue God mostly indica ~55    
Blue Hawaiian Sativa sativa ~60 yes  
Chemo mostly indica ~50    
God Bud mostly indica ~55    
God's AK-47 indica/sativa ~55    
God's Lemon mostly indica ~50 yes  
God's White Lightning mostly indica ~45 yes  
Oh God indica/sativa ~50 yes