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Here you see all directly available cannabis varieties from Short Stuff Seedbank, but please also check out the eventually available strain auctions in the Short Stuff Seedbank Auction-Area. Click on the name of the strain or onto the hints for more informations about this offers! Tip: To sort the offers by its values - simply click on the titles of the table!


Regular seeds

  Name of the strain  
AUTOMAT! Himalaya Blue Diesel ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63 10 reg. 39.37 $
AUTOMAT! Mi5 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67 10 reg. 39.37 $
NEW! Snowryder ruderalis/indica ~63 10 reg. 39.37 $

Feminized seeds

  Name of the strain  
AUTOMAT! Auto Gorilla OG x Tha Shiznit ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 5 fem. 50.61 $
AUTOMAT! Auto Jedi Kush ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 5 fem. 39.37 $