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Name of the strain
CASP 8 Ball Kush (Barneys Farm) mostly indica ~60    
420G 859 Granddaddy's Blue Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes  
DANE Blue Widow ruderalis/indica/sativa ~50 yes  
MUSE Auto AK Regular indica/sativa ~60    
NGEN Double Do-Si-Dos mostly sativa ~63    
TEYE Chocolate Hammer OG mostly indica ~60    
TEYE Aero Bond F2 indica/sativa ~70    
TBPS AFFIE BUBBA mostly indica ~65    
CASP Afghan Haze Bastard (Gage Green) mostly sativa ~75    
MUSE Afghani #1 mostly indica ~60    
CASP Afghani 1 indica ~60    
TEYE Afterburner mostly sativa ~70    
BSCO AH/PAN/JAM x Sativa mostly sativa ~80    
CASP AK 47 female (SeriousSeeds) mostly sativa ~58    
CASP AK Automatic (SpliffSeeds) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
GGGR Ambrosia indica/sativa ~60    
JOTI Ambrosia mostly sativa ~60 yes  
GGGR Amethyst mostly indica ~60    
CASP Amethyst Bud (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
BUZZ Amsterdam Plant aka. Anti Asthma Pflanze mostly indica ~60    
BUZZ Amsterdams' Magic mostly indica ~65 yes yes
CASP Angel Heart (Mr. Nice) mostly sativa ~65    
CASP Aount of Farouk (Derg Corra) mostly indica ~67    
CASP Arjans Haze #1 5fem (Greenhouse) mostly sativa ~77    
CASP Arjans Haze #2 (Greenhouse) sativa ~67    
CASP Arjans Strawberry Haze (Greenhouse) sativa ~70    
GGGR Ascension indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Auto AK47 x Auto Blueberry F1 (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Auto AK47 x Diesel 5fem (Lowlife) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
MUSE Auto Astarta ruderalis/indica/sativa ~84 yes  
RTHS Auto Critical sativa ~45    
STFF Auto Gorilla OG ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
STFF Auto Gorilla OG x Purple Amnesia ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 yes  
STFF Auto Gorilla OG x Tha Shiznit ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 yes  
PLMS Auto Great White Shark mostly indica ~60    
RTHS Auto Jack ruderalis/sativa ~45    
RTHS Auto Jaggen mostly sativa ~40    
STFF Auto Jedi Kush ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 yes  
MUSE Auto Moxie ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
STFF Auto Purple Amnesia ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60 yes  
RTHS Auto Somango indica/sativa ~40    
RTHS Auto Super Skunk ruderalis/indica/sativa ~40    
CASP Automaria (Paradise Seeds) ruderalis/indica ~60   yes
CASP Automatic Jack (Femaleseeds) ruderalis/sativa ~74    
CASP Avalon 5 reg Next Generation mostly indica ~55    
GGGR Aymi indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Batgum (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~60    
JOTI BC Big Bud mostly sativa ~55    
TEYE Behemoth indica/sativa ~70    
CBSC Bella Ortega indica ~56 yes yes
CASP Belladonna (ParadiseSeeds) mostly sativa ~63    
GGGR Benevolence indica/sativa ~60    
BUZZ Berry Pie ruderalis/indica/sativa ~55    
420G Berry Ryder ruderalis/indica ~60 yes  
BUZZ Berry Surprise ruderalis/indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Biddy Early (MagusGenetics) mostly sativa ~55    
CASP Big Bomb (Bomb Seeds) indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Big Bud 10fem Sensi mostly indica ~55    
CASP Big Grapefruit (Femaleseeds) indica/sativa ~53    
CASP Big Kahuna (Soma) mostly indica ~56    
TEYE Black Amnesia Haze indica/sativa ~85    
420G Black N Blue mostly sativa ~60    
420G Blackberry Diesel mostly sativa ~63    
CBSC Blackberry Kush indica ~58 yes yes
JAMS Blackout Kush indica ~60 yes  
TBPS Blacktooth mostly indica ~60    
GGGR Blast indica/sativa ~60    
WHSE Bliss mostly sativa ~55    
MCBS Blond Skywalker indica ~67 yes  
420G Blue Cheese mostly indica ~60    
CBSC Blue Cherry Kush mostly indica ~53 yes  
MCBS Blue Dream Sky indica/sativa ~63 yes yes
DANE Blue Dwarf ruderalis/indica ~63 yes  
JOTI Blue God mostly indica ~55    
JOTI Blue Hawaiian Sativa sativa ~60 yes  
420G Blue Haze Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
420G Blue Headwreck mostly indica ~60 yes  
CASP Blue Hell (MedicalSeeds) mostly indica ~67    
DANE Blue Matic ruderalis/indica ~70    
420G Blue Tahoe mostly indica ~67    
420G Blue Tahoe Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes  
CASP Blue Widow (Dinafem) mostly indica ~53    
420G Blueberry Cookies mostly sativa ~60    
420G Blueberry OG Wreck indica/sativa ~60    
420G Blueberry Rox mostly indica ~60 yes  
BDOG BlueG indica/sativa ~56    
BDOG BlueG Metal Box mostly indica ~60    
420G Bubba-Gum Kush mostly indica ~60    
CASP Bubble Gum (Serious) indica/sativa ~60    
TEYE Bubblestar Galactica mostly indica ~65    
DANE BubKush mostly indica ~63    
420G Burnt Cookie mostly indica ~60 yes  
CASP Bushmans (ApeOrigin) sativa ~48    
CASP Californian Orange (Hemcy) mostly indica ~56    
DANE Candy ruderalis/sativa ~63    
BSCO Cannalope Dog indica/sativa ~55 yes  
DANE Caramellow: AK47 Auto + Candy Auto mostly sativa ~70    
GGGR Cardinal mostly indica ~53    
CBSC Chem Berry OG mostly indica ~60 yes yes
420G Chem's Sister ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67 yes  
JAMS Chemex indica/sativa ~70 yes  
JOTI Chemo mostly indica ~50    
TEYE Cherry Chocolate Widow indica/sativa ~60    
BSCO Choco Dog indica/sativa ~60    
BDOG Chocoberry (T-Line) mostly sativa ~70    
BDOG ChocoDurban mostly sativa ~66    
BDOG ChocoDurban V2 mostly indica ~60    
TEYE Chocolate Blueberry G13 indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Cinderella 99 (Brothers Grimm Original) mostly sativa ~55    
BSCO Cinderella's Dog mostly indica ~55    
CASP Copenhagen Kush 7fem (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~60    
GGGR Cornerstone indica/sativa ~56    
NGEN Cosmic Berry mostly indica ~63    
CASP Cosmic Collision (MTG Seeds) mostly sativa ~74    
CASP Cosmis Collision (MTG Seeds) mostly sativa ~75    
JAMS Cotton Candy Bud mostly indica ~60 yes  
BSCO Cream Kush mostly indica ~55 yes  
CASP Crimea Blue (Barneys Farm) mostly indica ~60    
CASP Critical Skunk (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~49    
420G Crystal Blue Aurora mostly indica ~63 yes  
CASP Da Purps (TH Seeds) mostly indica ~66    
CASP Dancehall (ReggaeSeeds) mostly sativa ~65    
DANE Dane's Fruity ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63    
DANE Dane's Gum sativa ~60    
CASP Deep Purple (TGA Subcool) mostly indica ~55    
JAMS Deja Vu mostly indica ~70    
NGEN Devil Breath indica/sativa ~63    
NGEN Devil Cookies indica ~56 yes  
NGEN Devil Glue indica/sativa ~63    
MCBS Diablo's Afghan mostly indica ~56 yes yes
GGGR Diamonds & Dust indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Diesel Girl (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~68    
MUSE Diesel Ryder ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67    
CASP Diesel Star (Zenseeds) indica/sativa ~60    
GGGR Dog Party mostly indica ~60    
PLMS Donbass Star mostly indica ~60 yes yes
CASP Double Fun (NoMercySupply) mostly indica ~60    
CASP Double Gum (White Label) indica ~48    
NGEN Double Mint mostly indica ~63    
CASP Dreamtime indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Dreamtime (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~65    
RTHS Durban sativa ~60    
420G Durban Poison sativa ~58    
BSCO Durban the Dog indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Dutch Dragon (ParadiseSeeds) mostly sativa ~65    
420G Early Skunk mostly indica ~60 yes yes
MUSE Effing Day mostly sativa ~68    
ALPS Erdbeer x SPG F1 indica/sativa ~58    
CASP Erebeerli Origin Seeds mostly sativa ~52    
GGGR Euphoric indica/sativa ~60    
TEYE Evil Step Mother mostly sativa ~70    
BSCO Exodus Dog mostly indica ~55 yes  
TBPS EXOTICA indica/sativa ~70 yes  
CASP Extreme Indica (Femaleseeds) mostly indica ~60    
420G Fire Glue mostly indica ~56    
GGGR Floruit indica/sativa ~60    
GGGR Freedom Baby indica/sativa ~60    
WHSE Friesland Indica (m33) indica ~55    
TEYE Fruit Stripe Gum indica/sativa ~55    
MUSE Frutti Trips indica/sativa ~65    
CBSC G13 SSH mostly sativa ~75    
CASP G13 x Hashplant 2 mostly indica ~55    
420G G13 x Haze mostly sativa ~70 yes  
PLMS Gagarin Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~65 yes yes
MUSE Ganesh indica/sativa ~63    
JAMS Garlic Express ruderalis/indica ~60 yes  
420G GDP Wreck indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
NGEN Gelato al Limone mostly indica ~56    
ALPS Ghana Sativa Landrasse sativa ~88    
420G Girl Scout Cookies indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Glo x OG Kush mostly indica ~60    
NGEN Glue Cherry sativa ~63    
420G Glue Cookies indica/sativa ~63 yes yes
JOTI God Bud mostly indica ~55    
JOTI God's AK-47 indica/sativa ~55    
JOTI God's Lemon mostly indica ~50 yes  
JOTI God's White Lightning mostly indica ~45 yes  
BDOG Gonzo 2 Bx1 mostly indica ~60    
BDOG Gonzo Metal Box mostly indica ~63    
CASP Good Ideas Mix (Gage Green) indica/sativa ~60    
TEYE Gorilla King mostly indica ~60    
420G Granddad's Lavender mostly indica ~60 yes  
420G Granddaddy Purple sativa ~60 yes  
420G Grape Afghan Kush mostly sativa ~70   yes
CBSC Grape Skunk mostly indica ~58 yes yes
NGEN Great Purple Shark indica/sativa ~63 yes  
CASP Green Dragon (Masterthai) mostly indica ~50    
UGEN Green Mojo OG indica/sativa ~70 yes yes
BUZZ Green Rasta - Guerillas Blend ruderalis/indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Green Shark (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~58    
TBPS grendel indica/sativa ~63    
CBSC Grüne Brille mostly indica ~56    
DANE Gum Lock mostly indica ~63    
NGEN H L C indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Haleys Comet indica/sativa ~57    
TEYE Harambe mostly indica ~60    
420G Harlequin CBD indica/sativa ~60    
MUSE Hawaii sativa ~85 yes  
420G Headbanger Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 yes  
GGGR Healing Fields mostly indica ~56    
NGEN Heartbeat Kush mostly indica ~63 yes  
CASP Heavenly (Masterthai) indica/sativa ~45    
CASP Heavenly Blue (Masterthai) mostly sativa ~52    
NGEN Hellfire O.G. f2 mostly sativa ~63    
GGGR High School Sweetheart indica/sativa ~60    
STFF Himalaya Blue Diesel ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63 yes  
STFF Himalaya Orange Diesel ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70 yes  
WHSE Honeydew indica/sativa ~63    
TEYE Hulk Piss indica/sativa ~70    
420G Humboldt Cookies mostly sativa ~63    
TBPS Humboldtistan mostly indica ~55    
CASP Humboldtistan (Blazin Pisterilos) mostly indica ~55    
CASP Ice Cream 3fem (Paradise) indica ~60    
CASP Iced Grapefruit mostly indica ~50   yes
CBSC Iced Pineapple mostly indica ~54    
GGGR Impressions indica/sativa ~60    
BUZZ Indische Landrasse + Gratis Samen sativa ~70    
RTHS Indoor Mix indica/sativa ~60    
CBSC Indoor Mix 1 indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Ingemars Punch (De Sjamaan) indica/sativa ~63    
PLMS Iron Curtain Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~65 yes yes
CASP Iron Flow (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~70    
CASP Jamaica (Hemcy) mostly sativa ~63    
JAMS Jamaican Chocolate indica/sativa ~70    
BSCO JBM x Sativa sativa ~75    
420G Jedi Glue indica/sativa ~63 yes yes
CASP Jungle Jerry's Haze mostly sativa ~70    
BSCO K-Dog mostly indica ~55 yes  
CASP Kahuna (Soma) indica ~67    
CASP KC33 x MasterKush (Nirvana) mostly indica ~50    
CASP Kilimanjaro (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
MCBS Killer Afghan Skunk mostly indica ~80    
MCBS Killer Cookies mostly indica ~75 yes  
MCBS Killer Nightmare OG indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Kings Kush (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~63    
JAMS Koma indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Kong Pow (Masterthai) mostly indica ~53    
TBPS Krakatoa indica/sativa ~65    
NGEN Kush-G mostly indica ~63    
CASP Kwazulu Landrace (Bald Monkey) mostly sativa ~80    
420G La Fruta x Lowryder 2 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~53 yes yes
JAMS La Roja mostly sativa ~80    
GGGR Lady Daze mostly indica ~53    
BDOG Lady Durban mostly sativa ~70    
CASP Laos Sativa (Origin Seeds) sativa ~75    
GGGR Last Tango indica/sativa ~60    
420G Lavender mostly indica ~60    
CASP Lavender (Soma) mostly indica ~60    
CBSC Lemon Cream Pie Haze mostly sativa ~60    
JAMS Lemon Kobra sativa ~80 yes  
CASP Lemonator (Next Generation) indica/sativa ~60    
NGEN LemonBerry indica/sativa ~70 yes  
NGEN LemonStar mostly indica ~56    
CASP Lennon (Pyramid) mostly sativa ~80    
BUZZ Libanese Landrasse mostly sativa ~60    
420G Lowryder 2 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~63    
RTHS Lowryder F1 mostly indica ~40    
GGGR Lucid Blue indica/sativa ~53    
HIGG M-EX-K indica/sativa ~70 yes yes
BSCO M.C.P.D mostly indica ~50 yes  
CASP Mach Fly - Moscaseeds mostly indica ~58    
BUZZ Magic Autumn indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Magic Bud (ParadiseSeeds) indica/sativa ~52    
BSCO Magic Power IX1 sativa ~55    
BSCO Magic Purple Dog indica/sativa ~55 yes  
NGEN Malana L HP indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Malawy Gold (Hemcy) mostly sativa ~63    
MUSE Mandalla indica/sativa ~60 yes  
NGEN Mandarine Cookies indica/sativa ~63 yes  
CASP Mangolian Indica (Sagarmatha) indica ~60    
TBPS Maramota #10 indica/sativa ~65    
HIGG Marra Jones mostly sativa ~80 yes yes
HIGG Marra Kush indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Master Kush (White Label) indica ~53    
420G Master Orange mostly indica ~63 yes yes
CASP Masterkush (Dutch Passion) indica ~56    
DANE Matic Light ruderalis/indica/sativa ~70    
TBPS Mau-Mau indica/sativa ~65    
MCBS Medi Bubblegum mostly indica ~70    
MCBS Medi Candy Express mostly indica ~70    
MCBS Medi Ghost Train mostly sativa ~75    
MCBS Medi Gomi mostly indica ~70    
MCBS Medi Griega mostly indica ~70    
MCBS Medi Strawberry OG mostly indica ~70    
420G Medijuana mostly indica ~60 yes  
GGGR Mendo Breath F3 indica/sativa ~60    
PLMS MetaLeaf Donbass mostly indica ~55 yes yes
STFF Mi5 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67 yes  
420G Midnight Cheese mostly indica ~60 yes  
TEYE Mile High Volcano mostly sativa ~70    
NGEN Milky Bud mostly indica ~63 yes  
BSCO Mix Sativa 2012 sativa ~100    
MUSE Mixed Pack ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
BUZZ Mixtio #1 indica/sativa ~65 yes yes
TEYE MK Ultra Black Ops mostly indica ~70    
BSCO Moby Dog mostly indica ~60    
TBPS Mojo Kush indica/sativa ~59    
TEYE Moonshine Daze mostly sativa ~80    
MUSE Mountain Kush indica ~60 yes  
420G New Grape 48 indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
MUSE New MooN mostly indica ~60 yes  
CASP Night Shade (Barneys Farm) mostly indica ~60    
CASP NL5 x Haze 5fem (FinestMedicinal) mostly sativa ~70    
CASP Northern Lights (White Label) indica ~48    
ALPS OG.Kush-LemonLarry IBL regular indica/sativa ~80    
JOTI Oh God indica/sativa ~50 yes  
BSCO Oh/Oth x Sativa sativa ~100    
NGEN OHIO O.G. indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Old Early Skunk (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~73    
CASP Old Time Indiana Bubble Gum (MoscaSeeds) mostly indica ~56    
CASP Ole 47 (Black Label) indica/sativa ~56    
CASP Original Berry (Kannabia) mostly indica ~63    
WHSE Original Blush indica/sativa ~55    
420G Original Grape 48 mostly sativa ~67 yes yes
GGGR Out Of Body Experience indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Pahari Farmhouse sativa ~80    
BDOG Panoramix indica/sativa ~77    
GGGR Paragon indica/sativa ~60    
GGGR Passion Flower indica/sativa ~60    
420G Pauls Blackberry Fire mostly indica ~60 yes  
420G Pauls Crystal Aurora mostly indica ~63 yes  
420G Pauls Purple Cookies mostly indica ~56 yes  
420G Pauls Purple Fire mostly indica ~60 yes yes
CASP Peace Maker (FinestMedicinalSeeds) indica/sativa ~53    
GGGR Pegasus indica/sativa ~60    
TEYE Pegasus indica/sativa ~70    
NGEN Phantom Glue mostly indica ~63    
GGGR Philospher's Stone mostly sativa ~60    
MCBS Pineapple Afghan mostly indica ~77 yes yes
CBSC Pineapple Gold mostly sativa ~60   yes
CBSC Pineapple Haze sativa ~70    
CBSC PineappleHaze V2 mostly sativa ~65 yes yes
TEYE Pink Dolphin indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Pink Floyd (Mr. Nice) mostly sativa ~77    
PLMS PlantaHaze Auto ruderalis/sativa ~60    
CASP Prezidential Kush 1.2 (MTG Seeds) indica/sativa ~63    
MCBS Private Reserve Afghan indica/sativa ~63    
MCBS Private Reserve Skywalker ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
MCBS Promiscuous Kush mostly indica ~90 yes  
TEYE Psychedelic indica/sativa ~60    
RTHS Psychedelic Amnesia sativa ~68    
TEYE Psychonaut mostly indica ~63    
CASP Purple #1 (Dutch Passion) indica/sativa ~56    
CASP Purple #1 (DutchPassion) indica/sativa ~56    
420G Purple Berry Playboy mostly indica ~60 yes  
CASP Purple Buddha (BC Bud Depot) indica/sativa ~53    
BSCO Purple Lemon Dog indica/sativa ~55 yes  
420G Purple Maze Kush indica ~63 yes  
BDOG Purple Rain indica/sativa ~60    
BDOG Purple Rocket Kush mostly indica ~60    
420G Purple Wreck mostly indica ~60 yes  
BSCO PyDcDogPyDog mostly indica ~50    
BSCO PyDog IX1 mostly indica ~50 yes  
420G R 4 indica/sativa ~75    
CASP Raw Diesel fem (G13 Labs) indica/sativa ~55    
CASP Reclining Buddha (Soma) mostly indica ~63    
420G Redbeard Cookies mostly indica ~60 yes  
MUSE Ridick indica/sativa ~65 yes  
CASP Rocksters Cheese (Kaliman) mostly sativa ~67    
420G Rogue One mostly indica ~75 yes  
CASP Rosetta Stone (Derg Corra) indica/sativa ~53    
CASP Royal Bluematic (RoyalQueen) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Royal Dane (Derg Corra) mostly indica ~45    
CASP Royal Dane (Zenseeds) mostly indica ~55    
CASP Royal Kush (G13 Labs) indica/sativa ~55    
CASP Royal Ulduz (Bald man Lala) mostly sativa ~63    
420G Rusty Glue mostly indica ~60 yes yes
420G Rusty OG indica ~60    
NGEN S L D indica/sativa ~70 yes  
NGEN Sage&Lemon mostly sativa ~70    
TEYE Sahar mostly indica ~63    
CASP Santa Cruz Costal Kush (Sagarmatha) mostly indica ~58    
JAMS Santa Muerte indica/sativa ~56 yes  
MUSE Satori mostly sativa ~78    
MCBS Scary Bubbles indica/sativa ~65    
CASP Sensi Star (BlackLabel) mostly indica ~56    
420G SFV OG Kush mostly sativa ~56 yes yes
GGGR Shadows and Light indica/sativa ~53    
TEYE Shaman indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Shark Bite (ArchiveSeedbank) indica/sativa ~63    
420G Shock Trauma mostly indica ~60    
BDOG Silver Chocoberry indica/sativa ~63    
BSCO Silver Dog indica/sativa ~70    
BDOG Silver Moon indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Silver Princess McJaggen (McNizzle) mostly sativa ~75    
BSCO Silver Purple Dog indica/sativa ~55 yes  
CASP Sin City Kush (Alphakronik) mostly indica ~70    
CASP Skunk Haze aka Fuma Con Diablos mostly sativa ~75    
MCBS Skywalker Kush ruderalis/indica/sativa ~67 yes yes
420G Skywalker Kush ruderalis/indica ~67    
CASP Snow Ryder (White Label) ruderalis/indica/sativa ~80    
STFF Snowryder ruderalis/indica ~63 yes  
CASP Somango (Soma) mostly indica ~66    
CASP Somanna (Soma) indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Somativa (Soma) mostly indica ~63    
TEYE Sorcerer F2 mostly indica ~68    
420G Sour 60 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
HLSC Sour Amnesia sativa ~75 yes  
CASP Sour Amnesia (Horti Lab) mostly sativa ~75    
CASP Sour Blue Thai (Masterthai) indica/sativa ~57    
CBSC Sour Candy Amnesia mostly sativa ~70 yes  
CASP Sour Diesel (ReservaPrivada) mostly indica ~70    
CBSC Sour Lemon Haze mostly sativa ~60 yes yes
420G Sour Lowryder 2 ruderalis/indica/sativa ~53 yes  
CBSC Sour Mango Haze mostly sativa ~73 yes  
HLSC Sour Pink Grapefruit indica/sativa ~63 yes  
HLSC Sour Power mostly sativa ~70    
CASP Southern Lights (Delta 9 Labs) mostly sativa ~78    
CASP Space Dawg 5reg (TGA Subcool) mostly sativa ~65    
TEYE Space Wrangler F2 mostly sativa ~60    
JAMS Special Auto ruderalis/indica ~70    
ALPS SPG x (Apollo F3 x C99) indica/sativa ~63    
CASP Spice (Mr. Nice) indica/sativa ~56    
CASP Spider Skunk (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~45    
CASP Spliff Diesel (SpliffSeeds) mostly sativa ~74    
RTHS Sputnik indica ~50    
BSCO Stacked Dog mostly indica ~50 yes  
NGEN Star Warz O.G. mostly indica ~63    
HLSC StarBerry mostly indica ~60    
HLSC StarBud mostly indica ~56    
GGGR Starlet Kush indica/sativa ~56    
CASP Stinky Pinky (TH Seeds) indica ~60    
CBSC Strawberry Cream Pie mostly sativa ~56    
WHSE Strawberry Kush mostly indica ~55    
TEYE Strawberry Supreme indica/sativa ~70    
RTHS Sudden Flower professional bulk pack ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60    
420G Super Blue Dream sativa ~60 yes  
CASP Super Cannalope (DNA Genetics) mostly sativa ~73    
CASP Super Critical (Greenhouse) mostly indica ~56    
SHSE Super Lemon OG F2 indica/sativa ~63    
420G Super Silver Haze mostly sativa ~63 yes  
420G Super Sour CBD mostly sativa ~77 yes  
CBSC Super Sour Lemon Haze aka. Diamond Haze mostly sativa ~65    
HLSC Super Sour Skunk indica/sativa ~73 yes  
PLMS Supernova mostly indica ~65    
BSCO Sweet Choco Dog mostly sativa ~55    
CASP Sweet Haze (DNA Genetics) mostly sativa ~75    
ALPS Sweet Pink Grapefruit mostly sativa ~65    
CASP Sweet Tooth (BC Bud Depot) mostly indica ~42    
ALPS Sweet Tooth3 BX2 mostly indica ~65    
JAMS Sweet Tunisian mostly indica ~60    
ALPS SweetTooth3 BX1 regular indica/sativa ~68    
CASP Swiss Bliss (ParadiseSeeds) mostly sativa ~63    
CASP Swiss Cheese (Nirvana) mostly sativa ~53    
PLMS T-34 ruderalis/indica ~55    
CASP Tahoe Blue Kush (Masterthai) indica/sativa ~59    
CASP Tahoe Blue Real OG (Masterthai) mostly indica ~52    
CASP Tahoe Gold (Masterthai) indica/sativa ~62    
420G Tahoe OG mostly indica ~63 yes  
420G Tajikistani Hash Plant indica ~60 yes  
RTHS Tallryder mostly indica ~70    
GGGR Ten (10) indica/sativa ~53    
TEYE Terp Wine indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Texada Timewarp (BC Bud Depot) mostly sativa ~80    
STFF Tha Shiznit ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60 yes  
420G The Force mostly indica ~65 yes  
CASP The Hog (TH Seeds) mostly sativa ~58    
420G Thorsberry mostly indica ~53 yes  
420G Tie Dye mostly indica ~60 yes  
GGGR Time Traveler indica/sativa ~60    
CASP Timewarp 5 reg Next Generation mostly indica ~45    
TEYE Tongue of Fire mostly indica ~70    
CASP Towerful (Tropical Seeds) mostly indica ~63    
BSCO Train Dog mostly indica ~60    
BSCO TrainK Dog indica/sativa ~0    
420G Trainwreck mostly sativa ~60 yes yes
ALPS Victory Kush mostly sativa ~78    
CASP Viking (Derg Corra) mostly indica ~56    
CASP Violator Kush (Barneys Farm) mostly indica ~60    
GGGR Vista indica/sativa ~53    
TEYE Voodoo Rodeo indica/sativa ~63    
SHSE WarSlog mostly indica ~63    
CASP White Grapefruit (Femaleseeds) mostly sativa ~60    
CASP White Light (Soma) mostly indica ~70    
DANE White Pineaplle ruderalis/sativa ~63 yes  
420G White Widow mostly sativa ~63 yes  
CASP White Widow (White Label) indica/sativa ~58    
420G White Widow Auto ruderalis/indica/sativa ~60 yes yes
CASP White Willow (Soma) mostly indica ~70    
420G Widow Shocker mostly indica ~73 yes  
TEYE WiFi Cocktail indica/sativa ~70    
CASP Wonder Black Woman (Hero Seeds) indica ~55    
ALPS X-Dog regular (last Seeds) indica/sativa ~67    
CASP X18 Pakistani (ReservaPrivada) indica ~60    
CASP Zombie Rasta (Hero Seeds) mostly indica ~63